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Here are the links to our Wheatland Cemetery Presentation October 2014
                "Catastrophes of Wheatland -                 Fires, Floods, Flu and Furor" 

Karan Curbow as the reporter after the 

great fire of 1898

Reporting on the Great Fire

Joe Waggershauser as the fire chief

Fire in Wheatland

Mike Boom is Cyrus Dam’s great-great-grandson

Wheatland Pioneer Cyrus Dam

Chris Bare as Lizzie Keyes Roddan

The Roddan Family loses their home

Pat Camarena as Amanda Deck who lost several children at a very young age in the 1870s.

The Deck Family


This is from our Oct 2013 event
Polly Kirkpatrick Ostrom

Wheatland Cemetery Event 2015
A Salute to Veterans

YouTube Video

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Click the link below for a short tour around Wheatland presented by the Wheatland High School class of 1966. 

We're a small town and proud of it.
Wheatland, a little town with big pride.

                                    Wheatland Hop Fields 1927

View other Horst Ranch photos  from the Oregon hop ranch,
courtesy of "Historic Photo Archive"

Read about Wheatland
Jim Morris is Communications Manager for the California Rice Commission. He recently contacted the Wheatland Historical Society regarding Edward Duplex who was elected mayor of Wheatland in 1888. Duplex is believed to be the first African-American Mayor of a city west of the Mississippi. Jim’s article can be viewed at the following site:

Wheatland Cemetery, Veteran's Day 2012
Wheatland Cemetery
Veteran's Day 2011

Graham Hotel Dedication

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